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The T O N I C Series #1

Nicole Ivy is the artist behind Lennon & Birdie, the home of her imagination and where her mixed media pieces can come to life. Her warm colour palette is a dreamy, rose coloured glasses take on her natural surroundings. Inspired by her home in British Columbia that she shares with her husband, two children and golden retriever pup Peach.

We recently got together with Nicole, and chatted about the little things in life.

The T O N I C Series #2

Second up in our T O N I C series is my friend Dee from Kawa Heart Studio ⠀
Dee is the funniest, kindest, most incredibly talented, human.⠀

I miss our funny coffee catch ups - me with my super strength long Mac / half topped and Dee with her Soy chai latte, chatting all things life, family work and play. ⠀

So in lieu of catching up face-to-face, we decided to ask her a few quick bedtonic related questions - like what side of the bed she sleeps on and what’s on her bedside table...⠀