The T O N I C Series #1

T O N I C with Nicole from Lennon Birdie Handmade

Nicole Ivy is the artist behind Lennon & Birdie, the home of her imagination and where her mixed media pieces can come to life. Her warm colour palette is a dreamy, rose colored glasses take on her natural surroundings. Inspired by her home in British Columbia that she shares with her husband, two children and golden retriever pup Peach.

We recently got together with Nicole, and chatted about the little things in life.


First things first... what side of the bed do you prefer to sleep?

The left side, closest to the window!


Who hogs the sheets and blankets?

Definitely my husband or the girls if they have crawled in throughout the night.


What is on your road trip playlist?

Willie Nelson, Neil Young and Hootie & the Blowfish.


Tell us something we would never suspect!

I would have to say that would be the last few years. The love and support I have received for my art has been so surreal. To turn a hobby into a job is a dream come true. I'm forever grateful to the people that have supported this dream and my work. It's all been such a beautiful surprise.


What do you want for the future for you and your family/humanity?

We're really awaiting the time for the world to come together as one. To heal our people and for our people to heal the earth. We're really hopeful for the future. It's looking like that time is now for us to open our minds, open our hearts and to listen.

Nicole wear our Poet's Tunic Long in Terracotta and Mid length in Khaki.

Follow along Nicole and her adventures on her Instagram @lennonandbirdiehandmade






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