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The Bedtonic Pure Indulgence Silk Doona insert is the finest in luxury bedding. Crafted in 100% Mulberry floss silk - the longest in natural fibers, this doona insert is perfect for the Australian climate. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, and luxuriously soft.

This doona insert is constructed from silk wadding, layered by hand in a criss-cross pattern, which allows body heat to lift through the quilt. With a cotton outer and pure silk filling, the Bedtonic quilt is pure luxury. 

Silk Doona Insert Size

super king: 270cm wide x 240 long

king: 240cm wide x 210cm long

queen: 210cm wide x 210cm long

Silk doona quilt
SILK DOONA INSERT Sale price$270.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Silk Doona

A friend has one on her guest bed and I realised how much I enjoy sleeping under it. So I bought one and do enjoy how flat on the bed- no lumpy feathery mounds also how light it is and is definitely just as warm and cosy as my feathers! Additionally I think it will be summer friendly

Linda C
Sleeping under a cloud?

Been thinking about this for a while and BnB I finally bought one- good decision. Have it in my bedtonic linen quilt cover and a cotton blanket for those cold Sydney nights-perfect. Looking forward to trying it out on those summer nights . Light and lovely

Silk Doona Insert and Duvet Cover

I recently purchased a super king Bedtonic duvet cover and a silk doona insert. Together they are a lovely combination and are a perfect weight for sleeping. The insert is very nicely made. The stitching on the duvet cover is consistently straight, although the button holes are somewhat rough for a cover at this price point. A couple of tweaks to the duvet cover and insert would make them even better. It's difficult to get the insert into the super king duvet cover. I struggled with them for half an hour, and have some suggestions:

1. It's not obvious which edge is the top/bottom or side of the large insert. It's nominally rectangular. This could be simply fixed by (a) adding a separate 'top or bottom' tag or (b) adding the words 'top or bottom' to one of the tags currently attached or (c) even a note accompanying the insert saying, eg., "The Bedtonic tag indicates the long side of the insert."

2. The cover could be made much easier to use by leaving a 12-15cm opening at the top on each side for access to the silk insert or other duvet. Other high quality duvet covers, such as by Marimekko, have this opening with the side stitching stopping about 15cm before the upper edge. It makes a significant difference to ease of use. I plan to modify my Bedtonic duvet cover by removing that upper section of stitches the next time I need to wash the cover.

I've used only Bedtonic bed linens for some time and am now committed to their excellent quality and comfort. They are lovely products that make going to bed a pleasure!

Helen Marsh
Silk doona insert

Thankyou, the silk insert doona arrived promptly from my order and is the perfect weight and warmth for me! Perfect! Helen

Krys Tully
Top quality and so light

Had my doubts but this silk doona insert is well worth the money. I will be purchasing another when the weather gets into the freezing winter months. Very happy with my purchase and the genuine advice given at the store.