Looking for a New Women's Linen Shirt?

Linen is a versatile fabric, so it makes sense that we've made the jump from bedsheets to clothing. Our linen tops for women make a wonderful statement piece in your wardrobe. Our range of white items includes items that are always in style and easy to accessorise depending on the occasion. We also have some bolder colour options if you want to make an entrance. Our soft, loose-fit linen tops mean you don't need to feel restricted to be fashionable. They can be dressed up or down to fit the season and event so these timeless pieces won't need to be regularly replaced.

As linen is a hollow fibre, it is naturally thermo-regulating. This means it will allow air to circulate around your body, keeping you cooler in those hot Australian summers. Alternatively, if you add a blanket or extra layer like a cardigan on top in the cooler evenings, it will trap your body heat keeping you warmer. Our women's linen tops are the clothing item that works around you and your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Your new women's linen shirt should be washed on a warm regular cycle with liquid detergent. Using powders and overuse of detergent can harden the delicate linen fibres so handle with care. Linen looks perfect if left a little rumpled after a wash so you can just throw it on and go and have fun but it can be gently pressed with a warm steam iron if you'd like a more formal look.

Careful Practices Will Leave You and the Planet Happy

At Bedtonic, our sustainable morals are at the core of our business. We're proud to source linen that meets European Flax certification. This means our linen bedding sets and linen clothing in Australia can be traced to ensure growers and traders are following sustainable practices. Flax producers use no irrigation or GMO and use zero waste processes. Compared to cotton, linen crops are more sustainable as the entire stalk can be harvested and there's less need for harmful pesticides. It also creates a sturdier fabric that can be worn again and again.

We take this further by producing our items in small batches to reduce waste and using non-toxic dyes. These dyes aren't commonly used in the fashion industry as they're more expensive, but we believe your health and the planet's health are more important. Add to that that our linen has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, and it's easy to see why Bedtonic's women's linen shirts are the sensible choice for your wardrobe, your health and the planet. 

Bedtonic, the Most Conscious Provider of Women's Linen Tops Online

Now you're confident in Bedtonic's principles and practices it's time to shop. You can fill up your cart on this website to shop without leaving your house. We offer speedy free shipping within Australia, flat rates elsewhere in the world, and always packaged in 100% recycled materials that can be reused. Alternatively, visit our 'stockists' page if you'd rather browse, and feel the softness of your new women's linen top before you buy. If you have any queries about our other products like the linen tunic tops, linen women pants, and etc, you can reach our helpful staff at