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Article: Welcome to Bedtonic Stories

Welcome to Bedtonic Stories
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Welcome to Bedtonic Stories

It's been a season or two since we last updated our blog, and I wanted to start with a bit of a re-introduction. For those new to Bedtonic, welcome! I'm Julie, our founder, and I'm so pleased to have you join our linen-loving tribe. 
I made a decision recently for Bedtonic, and that was to slow down the brand. What does this and slow living even mean?! We are a very small team of three here at BT, and the days are typically very full with various tasks and the pace is swift. With our designs, as in cooking (another love of mine!), I felt it important to share more of the ingredients, the earth they are grown in and what goes into each recipe - rather than just the finished dish. Behind every design, redesign, print selection and fabric choice to where we have our linen garments and bedding crafted, we have YOU in mind. When your Bedtonic packages arrive to your door, it’s our hope you will open them with the same thrill and sense of appreciation as we have when creating them.
So it’s time to invite you behind the doors of our process, to pull up a seat to my working desk and share with you more of the design and consideration of the linen clothing and bedding you and I have come to love so much about Bedtonic. We will include more origin stories, How-to-Wear tips, linen fabric care, design features and get hands on with the soil that Bedtonic is planted in. 
We begin our new chapter with a closer look at our  Shepherds’ Linen Jacket, one of my favourite pieces and an ode to the denim classic of the 70's.
Shepherds' Linen Jacket
Growing up in New Zealand, I wore many bomber jackets as a kid. With four seasons in one day it's all about layers - so even in summer you don't go far without a jacket! 
Growing up in NZ
One favourite jacket in particular I remember, was red faux fur (!) with navy stretch knit cuffs that I'm wearing in this photograph with Mum. I was probably about 12 years old at the time and I paired it with flared jeans. Mum is standing next to me in a denim midi skirt, so everything has changed, but nothing has changed, really.
Lake Wanaka
Later, in my 20's (in the 80's), it was a denim jacket that went everywhere and with everything. So it was natural for me to include a jacket in our Bedtonic collection. Above is a memory and daily view from our dining room where I spent my childhood in the stunning Lake Wanaka, NZ region. The name 'Shepherds'Jacket' references the shepherds in the high country on sheep stations around this area. My choice of colour palette is very much inspired by nature and looking through these memories now, I can see how the hues of this beautiful natural landscape has influenced our Bedtonic range.

What makes the Shepherds' Jacket so?
Sheperds' Linen Jacket garment sketch
1.The feature raw edge seams of the collar, cuffs, hem and pocket give our Shepherd's Jacket its character. 

2. Large wooden buttons you can actually hold! Plus a smart hidden button placket.  

3. We designed this jacket in a heavy 345gsm stone washed linen - perfectly weighted for warmth when layering yet light enough to pair with a t-shirt for crisp mornings.

4. My benchmark (a non-negotiable with our makers) is that Bedtonic seams are french or flat felled. This adds strength and durability to a garment - and years to its life which is wonderful for you, and of course the planet. You can read all about our commitment to sustainability and choice to create slowly here

Of course for more regular updates and happenings, don't forget to jump onto the 'gram and Facebook where I'm happy to answer questions you may have about the Shepherds' Linen Jacket or any other pieces you might have your eye on.
As always, we want and need your feedback so let us know what you are loving most about Bedtonic here or below in the comments!

Julie x

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