Who said you can't be both comfortable and stylish? Our women's linen loungewear promises to do just that! Chuck on one of our linen loungewear sets for that effortless look that will take you from the beachside to the bar! You'll even receive a free linen drawstring bag made from recyclable materials with each purchase. We can guarantee that delivery day will be one to look forward to Read More

Be Fashion Forward in a Linen Loungewear Set

All of our linen bed sheets products from Bedtonic are made using European flax, including our gorgeous linen loungewear sets. Not only does that mean your garments will be super soft, but all the linen clothing in Australia that we sell are environmentally friendly, too. The production process follows sustainable practices throughout, including zero irrigation and GMO, as well as zero waste when harvesting! You know you are doing your bit for the globe when you purchase our linen loungewear in Australia. And you even get to look fabulous in the process. We can't think of anything better than that!

Women's Linen Loungewear That Will Treat You Right

Are you fed up with repurchasing the same linen tunic tops products time and time again, because they have worn out, or lost their colour and shape? Stop supporting 'fast fashion' and instead, invest in our linen loungewear that will stand the test of time, as well as washes! Yes, that's right, don't let its super soft feel fool you, flax is extremely robust, and each of our products is crafted with French seams and double top stitching where possible, for extra durability!

Our linen loungewear pieces can be mixed and matched with any of our women's linen clothing sets, giving you complete control to personalise your outfit based on your preferences and mood. Its breathable, yet thermal characteristics mean that our linen loungewear sets will be a staple piece all year round, keeping you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Every one of our products is allergy friendly too, due to linen's hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities. 

Change Your Clothes and the Globe

If you support Bedtonic, then you are also helping to plant 200 more trees each year. We have joined Carbon Neutral's Plant a Tree program, to offset any greenhouse gas emissions and to make the world a greener, more environmentally conscious place to live. We have also made the mindful choice to only use recyclable packaging for all our orders, not to mention reducing our waste production by only developing our pieces in small batches. This way, you can be sure that our women's linen loungewear is handled with care, as well as advocating for the world we live in.

You Won't Regret Purchasing Linen Loungewear in Australia

Want to find out more about our wonderful women's linen loungewear sets? Then head over to our website where you can see our colour variations, sizes as well as style suggestions for all occasions! Have a specific query? Then contact us by email at where a member of our team would love to assist you. Read Less