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Article: Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!

Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!
bedtonic linen

Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!

For those new to our Bedtonic Stories, welcome and happy reading. I’ve mentioned it before, and I will continue to be grateful for the honest feedback we receive from you, our fellow linen lovers. We are listening! It’s what we rely on to improve and evolve our garments, and today we answer some questions about one of our all time best sellers and pieces that has evolved over the years - The Boxy Top. PLUS you have a chance to WIN a Boxy Top in our new and limited edition Tribal print! Details on how to enter below.

The new Tribal print Boxy Top

Boxy Origins

After the success of the Poet's tunic, I knew we needed something else in our collection. A lot of our customers dress in larger sizes so I wanted something not too blousy, not too frilly, not too girly. Then I thought, why don’t we just do a really pared back version of the Poet’s Tunic? We took the cuffs off, removed the pockets and made it like a box-shape which is literally what the mid length Poet's tunic is. It was cut shorter so that it could be tucked in with either a French tuck, or worn out loose. It's the perfect example of how a garment evolves here at Bedtonic - none of our pieces are static and are always up for reimagining!

Why is the Boxy Top so popular? (Over 200, five star reviews!)

It’s effortless and easy wear. We get it, shopping for clothes online can be tricky. But the shape and simplicity of structure makes this a safe staple that ANY body can wear. Over time, we've created the Boxy tops in flannel, cotton, organic cotton. We've also done a twill, hemp, a linen/cotton twill (which we sold probably 600 of in one fabric alone!). The Boxy top is the third biggest seller for us now. They truly are a wardrobe staple, an any-season garment you can rely on!

Let's Talk About Sizing

As with most of our garments, the Boxy top was really designed to be a one size fits all. We are size inclusive and our pieces are deliberately oversized (hello comfort, sleeping, gardening and travel!), however, some of you felt a bit swamped in the top and we need to look after our smaller ladies too! We went back to the drawing board and made some adjustments so that the top is now offered in three sizes - S/M, M/L and the L/XL. We love listening to and value your feedback in how our pieces make you feel, so please write your reviews!

What’s to come for the Boxy?

We have the most incredible limited edition print just in for the Boxy Top, the Tribal print. It features watercolour style artwork by a Portuguese artist and the colour way is exquisite, featuring warm and earthy tones for all seasons, but especially tying in nicely with our other warm and rich colour ways this Winter. 

To celebrate the coming season and arrival of our new print, we are giving one of these Boxy beauties away! Simply leave us a comment below telling us what colour you'd like to see the Boxy Top in future and why -  remember we are listening to you! One lucky winner will be randomly chosen and notified here and by email. Giveaway closes Friday 14th June at midnight, AWST


Loving the boxy top and I’d love to see it in more prints like the tribal- brilliant! Maybe in blue color ways next time.

Cate Jackson

Blush pink, coral or light blue chambray

Amy wockner

I’d like to see the boxy top in a sunburnt orange. This colour is such an Alice colour bringing brightness to our cold gloomy winter days and then reinvigorating our spirits heading into spring and summer. Keep up the good work xx

Leanne Outtram

I am so pleased with the quality of my Glendhu Blouse and the compliments made me feel so special 💗

Cindy Spence

I would love to see a Winter version for the cooler Eastern states. A velour or velvet in rich jewel colours. Perfect for layering too.

Sally Melbourne

I have only recently discovered Bedtonic and I am infatuated with the designs and that they are manufactured locally. I would picture the Boxy top in a washed out blue and white stripe. Great for denims

Glenda Byrne

Hello Bedtonic.
I would love to see a big soft pink floral body top with white background, with splashes of colour ( purple, green yellow, blue) but predominately pink and white.
Just in time for spring/ simmer, with white or black pants, or shorts or jeans, beach to dinner. I want one!
Keep doing the good stuff!

Margot Reid

Hello dear Bedtonic, the boxy in that great denim colour in S/m is my favourite.
Thankyou in advance!

shyama joubert

Kelly Green is my choice for the colour of a future Boxy Top. Bright and dramatic, it is a colour from nature and the environment that signifies energy and renewal.

Valerie Baxter

OK….this is a hard yet glorious mission. I can’t give you one answer (sorry, disqualify me if you must!). And believe me Julie, I AM narrowing this down, and I have giving this some thought. I believe the Pantone color of the year is “peach fuzz” – a truly lovely peach has a sense of softness and kindness about it, and isn’t that something we all desperately need right now? Also, we need to get real, and for that I think we need something earthy like a chocolate brown or a dark khaki/eucalyptus tone. Finally, just because I love florals – if you ever found a retro 70’s floral or a vintage cottage one (all the florals). PS I have the boxy in the watercolor pastels and my goodness I adore it! xxx

Sandie Walton-Ellery

I would love to see the boxy top in raspberry – its such a pop of earthy warming colour, that matches well with so many other colours, Im always drawn to darker earth tones but i find raspberry compliments those so beautifully without feeling like you are going for anything too ‘bright’ or full on.
Love your clothes :) Mikaela x

Mikaela Duffy

I am not one for no collars due to our climate although I have the watercolor boxy – it’s Devine and a go to top of mine. The linen is lovely and I receive so many compliments.

Anna Counsell

I’d like to see a Boxy Top the colour of Ruby Grapefruit, it’s great for different seasons to layer and looks fresh and with a bit of bite attitude to it.

Warmest Danielle

Danielle Atkinson

I would love to wear the Tribal print, I think it would pair with many colours and it’s unique.

Christine Baker

I love how snuggly and warm these are!

Kathleen Matthews

I would love to see a colour in Purple, as I believe this colour can be so
attractive when you wear it.

Kay Curtis

I would love to see a boxy top in a rich forest green. Why? Because i love green, it’s that simple. I would love it if the boxy tops were just a little bit longer in the hem too.

Michelle P

Love your Boxy tops and I am still wearing my black one after several years.
Would really love to see your top in a shade of Lime/green.
Regards Wendy

Wendy Hancock

Would love to see the Boxy Top in a Dark Plum or very Dark Red.
The blue & white floral print awhile ago was beautiful, I missed purchasing it. Could do a repeat of that or something similar.

Michele Bizjak

HI Julie,
I think this could work beautifully in a deep, forest green. Its a colour that is flattering for many age groups, and skin tones, I believe.


Bev Schindler

Green and white pattern


Hi , the boxy is very versatile. I have 3 and wear them with skirts , jeans and leggings. I’m 5’1" so the length is good , however I would love a little longer boxy top especially for a more casual look and over leggings. I love both new colours / print.

Karen Johnstone

Pastel soft rose pink. Pink is always a good pick-me-up colour for any age and it can transgress all seasons. Cool weather with a dark or light under layer and for spring summer just on it’s own. 🩷
I love my boxy.

Genevieve Wesslink

Terracotta would be wonderful for a boxy top. I love it for either Summer (goes so well with white) or Winter (goes so well with navy or black), it doesn’t show the red dirt we get here in the country and it still looks good when it fades.


More patterns please – my love of linen seems to mean that I always wear greens, greys and greeny greys so more patterned boxy tops would be perfect!

Kat Francis

I love the tribal print version of the Boxy…but I think you can go one better through collaboration with WA traditional owners to have an indigenous pattern that truly captures the essence of our beautiful state and the ethos of bedtonic. Colour wise – our coast and ocean is such an important part of WA life and of sea County, so I’m envisaging a pattern that speaks to the heart of the ocean – including turquoise and teal tones that reflect the sun dancing on the waves – just perfect for summer!


Apple green or sage green for boxy top please

Mandy Cameron

Love my boxy tops, absolutely love the large floral prints, they go with everything from jeans to market skirt!

Amanda Williams

After multiple purchases (4dresses, 2 tops,3 pants and counting …) I would like to buy a current season boxy in the blue hemp or tribal (still deciding ) but would also like too see the boxy in a natural linen . 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Prue Patterson

Would love to see the boxy shirt in an olive/khaki colour for the autumn and winter months.

Lana Elizabeth Hinton

It is a lovely surprise when bedtonic popes up in my email box. Simply love the story behind the brand. Would love to see a powdery blue boxy top, or a pale lemon, or even an olive shade to add to your collection, great for changing seasons or just about brightening up an outfit. Look forward to seeing what evolves.


Boxy garden. A green floral crazy print inspired by the beautiful gardens of Perth…. And the wildflower state. Love the box.

sherree goldsworthy

You already make the boxy top in my favourite colour – indigo but I’d love to see it in emerald green… a colour that goes with anything 😁

Cat OConnell

Black or grey, simple and classic

Annette carter

Me again! Sorry I sent in a reply for the giveaway and talked about a jumpsuit I missed out on but it was from Kristen Magrit (your neighbour) who I also follow. Oops! So I would love to the boxy top in a greeny/blue gingham similar to your dress but with the colours slightly more vibrant. That’s it for me.


I have not made a purchase as yet however intent to do so. I admire all the clothing and have read the reviews to date.

Mrs Jennifer Smith

I love the tribal print and would like to see a navy blue or dark green even a navy with white spot 🥰

Suzanne Baxter

I would love to see the boxy top come in orange. Fave colour.🧡

Narelle Taylor

I love the sunset colours on a spectular day with pinks,violets,reds,orange. But more pastle than vibrant

Desley Geeves

The Boxy Top would look divine in a gorgeous jacaranda mauve/blue – the exact colour of the blossoms!

Marita O'Dowd

Love my boxy top and would love to see a jewell people or emerald green in the new collection

MICHELLE Rosina Rossi

I think a burnt orange or terracotta type colour would look good with black pant or jeans in this style.

Vicki Pargeter

Hi love the new design material. I also love teal. Its probably my age.

T Knibbs

I’m a sucker for warm smoky deep colours which are closer to the warm/cool divide. There is a great photo of colours on the web that I’m drawn to. Google, “Understanding Warm & Muted Colours”. There is a blog by Inside Out Style. The pictures of the clothing & blue, green, khaki, burgundy & plum shades together is fabulous. I’m drawn to all, but my favourite that I’d love in the boxy top would be a deep plum hinting on the shade of brown that they feature on what looks like a soft fur vest, which can be worn with all coloured outfits. I’m sure you’ll get so many great colours sent in that you’ll have so much fun playing around with & designing. Have fun. Best wishes.

Debbie Smethurst

Emerald green would be the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe collection in the incredible Boxy shape.

Tess Eames

I love this versatile top and would love see to see a lilac and navy, or pink and navy buffalo check.


Absolutely LOVE your boxy tops, especially the beautiful blue and the rose one. How about a lovely clear emerald one???Your colours are all fantastic and I’m so glad you now do the Boxy ies in different sizes.
Keep up the great work bedtonic

Penny Stevens

Simple things are often the best. Soft and comfy to wear. And I love the colours.


The tribal print or a similar ,& in black & white/ neutral print boxy top , would be fab to add to a travel wardrobe to elevate plain colour bottoms. I travel with the Carry on allowance so linen pieces roll well (yes they do) and are light. I wear jeans and carry black and neutral bottoms with a few tops and one LBD. So a print boxy would work brilliantly over bottoms and to throw over LBD for variations and warmth.

Sandi Chambers

The tribal print or a similar ,& in black & white/ neutral print boxy top , would be fab to add to a travel wardrobe to elevate plain colour bottoms. I travel with the Carry on allowance so linen pieces roll well (yes they do) and are light. I wear jeans and carry black and neutral bottoms with a few tops and one LBD. So a print boxy would work brilliantly over bottoms and to throw over LBD for variations and warmth.

Sandi Chambers

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