Bedtonic is a size-inclusive brand that creates beautiful linen clothing and bedding that stands the test of time. A linen tunic would be an incredible, versatile item to have in your wardrobe. They're comfortable, and in classic colours that are easy to accessorise. They can be dressed up or down for any event so you'll always arrive in style. Read More

In the Market for Linen Tunic Tops?

Linen clothing is naturally thermo-regulating due to its hollow fibres. This means it will allow air to circulate around your body to keep you naturally cooler. By placing another layer on top, you will trap your body heat to keep you warmer instead. This means our linen clothing is suitable for all seasons. No more buying a whole new batch of clothes four times a year that barely stand up to one wash. As long as our linen is cared for, it's durable enough to be washed and worn again and again. In fact, linen is up to twice as strong as cotton. You should wash your linen tunics with liquid detergent on a warm, regular wash. Overuse of detergent will harden your linen fibres. If you notice this, washing in plain water can remove some of the detergent build-up and restore the softness.

Great Quality Linen Tunics Made Consciously

In this world of fast fashion and high wastage, Bedtonic is standing out from the crowd because we know our planet deserves better. We create our linen tunics, linen pants for women, and other linen loungewear in small batches to prevent wasted stock. We use non-toxic dyes even though they're more expensive as they're better for our customer's health and don't contaminate our precious water. We could add harmful chemicals to make our linen soft, but we'd much rather use natural methods that work with our planet not against it.

All our items are proudly made from linen that is European Flax certified which holds growers and makers accountable to sustainable processes. Growers agree to zero waste, and to use no irrigation or GMO. Europe also has the ideal climate for linen and stalks can grow up to one metre high. We currently create around 50% of our linen tunics in Australia and we're working on growing that number. We ensure our overseas suppliers work to our strict ethical standards and we are also pleased to partner with Carbon Neutral. This partnership means around 200 trees are planted each year to offset our greenhouse gas emissions.

Bedtonic: Not Just for Linen Tunic Tops

We're sure you, or someone you know, has tried our linen bedsheets which send people off to peaceful sleep and get rave reviews. That's why we're sure our linen tunic tops are the best choice for your wardrobe. We have over 3,000 five-star reviews and that many people can't be wrong. You can fill your basket online or visit our 'stockists' page to shop in person. By shopping online you'll benefit from free, fast shipping within Australia and your items will always be shipped in 100% recycled packaging that you can reuse. We also ship worldwide for flat rates. Have a question? Reach out at Read Less