Available in a range of sizes, our 100 flax linen quilt covers are the best choice to add some luxury to your bedding. We have a variety of classic colours to choose from to match your sophisticated style. Not only are they luxurious, but our quilt covers are also built to last. Many items in the fashion and bedding industry today are hurriedly made and don't survive long past the second wash. We think it's important for you and the planet to have a quality product you can depend on. We use French seams, and double top stitching when we can, to create a quilt cover that can cope with daily life for a long time and is easy to care for. Read More

Are you Hunting for a Flax Linen Quilt Cover?

By purchasing a European flax linen quilt cover from us, you can rest easy knowing the linen bedding set will control your temperature. There's nothing worse than being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Linen naturally has hollow fibres so will keep you hot or cold depending on the season. Many of our customers have ditched their electric blankets altogether since switching to our linen bedding, but they also don't overheat in the summer.

A European Flax Linen Quilt Cover Could be the Answer to Sweet Dreams

You now know our 100% flax linen quilt covers will keep your temperature controlled and match your decorating. That's not enough for us though, and at Bedtonic making our products as sustainable as possible is a huge part of our ethos. We know our planet deserves better than fast fashion which has a negative impact on the environment and will fall apart after a wash or two. We prefer slow fashion and slow living so we create our items in small batches which improves quality control and reduces waste, so that's a win-win. We also use non-toxic dyes which still produce gorgeous colours but without all the chemicals that are harmful to the water supply and your health.

Our flax linen quilt covers are all made with linen quilt cover that meets the European Flax certification. This initiative tracks the whole chain from growing to making to keep everyone accountable for the sustainable practices they've agreed to. We're proud to use this linen that is high quality as it's grown in linen's ideal climate, and helps our planet rest easy.

Bedtonic, Providers of 100% European Flax Linen Quilt Covers With Conscious Practices

When you buy a European flax linen quilt cover from Bedtonic it's a great investment for your sleep that will survive wash after wash. To see why our happy customers have left us thousands of good reviews, fill your basket online now. We offer shipping in recycled packaging that can be reused, it's free for Australia and flat rates for the rest of the world. If you'd rather see our fitted linen sheets or our linen loungewear in person, visit our 'stockists' page to see where to find us. Have a question about your order? Reach our customer service team at support@bedtonic.com. Read Less