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Article: My Space by STM with Julie

My Space by STM with Julie

My Space by STM with Julie

Sunday Times Magazine  delves into the space that inspires and connects our founder, Julie to nature as she designs from her home office.
Name: Julie Ramsay, Founder at bedtonic.
Suburb: Wembley
Who lives here with you? Husband Donald, 15 year old daughter Mollie, Dog Schnoodle Buddy & King of the house Harry the big cat!
How long have you lived there for? We purchased this house One year ago. We sold our workers cottage in West Leederville 5 years ago and rented while I grew the business.
Why did you decide to live in this area? It is close to my Store and warehouse plus We love Wembley for its wide leafy streets – bigger blocks of land and  especially for its proximity to beach and restaurants.
Is your home a new built or renovation? Renovation. It’s a 1950’s build on a big block with an extension to the back which opened the kitchen/dining area up and a downstairs bedroom/ensuite addition.
What is your favourite spot in the house? The vista looking through the open plan kitchen/ dining space with b-folds out to the rear deck for entertaining. My favourite would be the expansive view of nature. The trees around lake monger and the established trees on our block. I could sit all day looking at trees!

Do you also work from home? Yes my office is at home with said view above! I work here with our team planning the seasons on the kitchen table filled with fabrics and trying on samples.
What’s the best way to describe the style (inside and outside) of your home?It’s a mix of Rustic, Modern farmhouse. I have modern pieces mixed up with
upcycled furniture pieces. I am a very tactile person. I love the mix of linens, leather,
wood, wool - all natural fibres.

How would you describe the way you have styled your home with furniture, art etc? Some people mix the old and the new, others like colour, are eclectic or
natural materials etc. I have an eclectic mix of old and new – I have lived and
moved so much over the years I have sadly had to let pieces go but it has taught
me not to hoard and that less is more.

What does home mean to you? Is it an escape? A place for relaxing and
entertaining friends?
It’s kind of a mix of all for me but as home is also my office (where I spend a lot of my time) I am mindful to unplug and relax entertaining friends.

Favourite room in the home? 
I love the kitchen and dining room for it’s view out over Lake Monger. – I never tire of it and it makes cooking a joy! Also - Our downstairs bedroom – To me the bedroom is an extension of the lounge, a place to escape the flurry of the day, to read, to dream, and to have solace to recharge my creative energy for things to come.

Furniture or items of the home that are special? Could be a gift, something old,
something new, etc. The French country chair downstairs in our room- my present to myself when we moved back to Perth. I have 3 favourite tea cups from my friend and potter Carlolyn Berthold in Fremantle. She also makes our handmade soaps for the store! I have one coffee in the morning then drink bottomless cups of tea throughout the day. And of course bedtonic cashmere and wool blankets, linen blankets and bedding!

Describe the style of artwork/prints that hang on the wall. Any artists to note?
I do love landscape, contemporary and sculpture.
Lino cut of pearl harvest - Avril Ford, Broome
Helen Norton – 'the dog'
Salty Wings – aerial landscape, Pilbara
Limited edition vintage prints above the bed and dining room by Kevin Foote,
@bitter_buff_alo  California
Limited edition print – kitchen fruit bowl.

Give us a run through of your most treasured items and where they are from?
Linen couch and coffee table in the lounge room from Coco Republic
The low slung armless couch and chair in heavy natural linen from Blu Peter in
North Fremantle.
My blackwood and brass office desk and boucle swivel chair from Coco Republic.
Antique African neckpiece from an antique store in Nz.
Woven navy leather chair at front of house – Empire Homewares.
Framed medals 'ode to my grandfather' by me.
Light wooden sideboard in dining room from Blu Peter.
Light shades are all Blu Peter.
Vintage finds from marketplace.

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