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Article: Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!

Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!
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Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!

For those new to our Bedtonic Stories, welcome and happy reading. I’ve mentioned it before, and I will continue to be grateful for the honest feedback we receive from you, our fellow linen lovers. We are listening! It’s what we rely on to improve and evolve our garments, and today we answer some questions about one of our all time best sellers and pieces that has evolved over the years - The Boxy Top. PLUS you have a chance to WIN a Boxy Top in our new and limited edition Tribal print! UPDATE: Thank you all for your incredible feedback and entries below - we have plenty of inspiration for our next drop. A big congratulations to Di Nowinski from Victoria who has won this giveaway!

The new Tribal print Boxy Top

Boxy Origins

After the success of the Poet's tunic, I knew we needed something else in our collection. A lot of our customers dress in larger sizes so I wanted something not too blousy, not too frilly, not too girly. Then I thought, why don’t we just do a really pared back version of the Poet’s Tunic? We took the cuffs off, removed the pockets and made it like a box-shape which is literally what the mid length Poet's tunic is. It was cut shorter so that it could be tucked in with either a French tuck, or worn out loose. It's the perfect example of how a garment evolves here at Bedtonic - none of our pieces are static and are always up for reimagining!

Why is the Boxy Top so popular? (Over 200, five star reviews!)

It’s effortless and easy wear. We get it, shopping for clothes online can be tricky. But the shape and simplicity of structure makes this a safe staple that ANY body can wear. Over time, we've created the Boxy tops in flannel, cotton, organic cotton. We've also done a twill, hemp, a linen/cotton twill (which we sold probably 600 of in one fabric alone!). The Boxy top is the third biggest seller for us now. They truly are a wardrobe staple, an any-season garment you can rely on!

Let's Talk About Sizing

As with most of our garments, the Boxy top was really designed to be a one size fits all. We are size inclusive and our pieces are deliberately oversized (hello comfort, sleeping, gardening and travel!), however, some of you felt a bit swamped in the top and we need to look after our smaller ladies too! We went back to the drawing board and made some adjustments so that the top is now offered in three sizes - S/M, M/L and the L/XL. We love listening to and value your feedback in how our pieces make you feel, so please write your reviews!

What’s to come for the Boxy?

We have the most incredible limited edition print just in for the Boxy Top, the Tribal print. It features watercolour style artwork by a Portuguese artist and the colour way is exquisite, featuring warm and earthy tones for all seasons, but especially tying in nicely with our other warm and rich colour ways this Winter. 

To celebrate the coming season and arrival of our new print, we are giving one of these Boxy beauties away! Simply leave us a comment below telling us what colour you'd like to see the Boxy Top in future and why -  remember we are listening to you! One lucky winner will be randomly chosen and notified here and by email. Giveaway closes Friday 14th June at midnight, AWST
GOOD LUCK! COMPETITION NOW CLOSED - Thank you to everyone who entered and left amazing feedback below - we certainly have so much inspiration for our next drop! 
Congratulations to our winner Di Nowinski from Victoria.


I would love the top in green shades with a matching market skirt – great for us Redheads with little imagination!

Gail Willingham

I always lean towards classic black , but maybe a blush rose col would be nice too!

Rachel Grant

Looks gorgeous! I would love a boxy top. Camilla


Rusty red, like the red desert where I recently went on holiday, travelling from Perth to Broome. It would be stunning ❤

Jenny Page

The colors you already have are beautiful…… you could combine any of them with navy as a large stripe – these could pair with any of your existing products


Love to see this top in light grey please.This colour suites me and my colouring as I purchased a beautiful linen dress from you quite recently and adore it

Jennifer Francis

Id like to see the boxy top in a fabulous jade green shade because green is my favourite colour and jade green is a vibrant splash (the louder outgoing cousin if you like) of the more nature inspired shades of green.

Kym Colvin

I would like to see a pale pink boxy top in future. It is a truly flattering colour for the more mature woman and is a lovely change of pace after wearing all my other strong colour palette tops!

Joss Woodman

I think the boxy was great in one of the earlier prints – it was a navy check style pattern (not the royal blue square check that you did recently). Everytime I wear it I receive heaps of compliments, so a variation of this in a chocolate or tan colour would be fabulous.

Cheryl Hughes

De Boxytop vind ik geweldig in de kleur blauw , overigens vind ik jullie collectie erg mooi . Wat mij ervan weerhoud om weer te bestellen zijn de verzendkosten en daar boven op de invoerrechten die ik heb moeten betalen bij mijn bestelling !
Maar veel succes en vriendelijke groet ,
Karin Nedekoorn


Boxy top in rich,deep but vibrant burnt orange! My favourite colour, reminds me of the landscape I live in on beautiful Flinders Island – orange lichen on coastal rocks and sheoaks flowering.

Rachel Dallas

I would love to see a mix of soft green and pale pink. Would look gorgeous 😍

Penelope McMahon

I’d love the boxy top in more tones of the very delicate squared pattern you have at the top of this page over coloured background not just white, for example in darker tones with contrasting lines – I’d also love more tones of purple, browns and burgundy …

May I also share that I purchased the Shepherd’s jacket and I think I haunted it because I saw the buttons with no back button (those small ones that give coats a nice finishing) and I thought mmm… not sure these will last. And I was on a work trip and voila! I lost one button. That’s when I also realised they were barely stitched with one single stitch. So I had to ask for a kit at the hotel before I went around for dinner with one missing button. Would be great that you improved the jacket on that detail considering that it is an expensive garment (well for me it is). Thank you, I love your clothes and have become a client since I tried the first item.


Natural and white gingham (small check)! X


Boxy Top in rust or chocolate would be great

Lisa Kerr

I would live to add a khaki to my collection – not too dark so it’s a perfect neutral for summer or winter but a bit of a statement :)

Suzie Cameron

I love the design in the tribal print and would like to see the Boxy top in something similar in shades of blue and green. Perhaps an Aboriginal inspired print or something based on water scapes, as the Australian oceans and rivers certainly have many beautiful shades of blues and greens.

Sue Green

I’d love to see the Boxy Top in a warm rich Latte so I could wear my favourite while sipping my favourite. The perfect shade for this faded redhead.

Kate Smith

I have looked at the red boxy top so many times and am saving up to purchase. I would love to see it in a bright green – option one , a dark navy option 2 or natural option 3.

Joanna Gibson

Love the look 👀 and new colours

Frances Dyer

Oooh the lively boxy! An olive, oat or aubergine would all be gorgeous x

Rachel Batten

I would love one in a natural linen colour ! This colour Is timeless and will mix and match with all of the pieces I already have in my wardrobe.

Marlene McDonald

I wood love to see the boxy in a beautiful shade of mustard maybe a German mustard colour
I believe this colour suits everyone and simply isn’t enough out there in this colour


I don’t have the boxy top but this new tribal print looks gorgeous for winter! I have quite a few pieces now and Bed Tonic are so comfortable, wearing them I’m in my Happy Place! :-)

Juliette Knight

I love every piece of your beautiful clothing I have! The box y would be only an investment in anyone’s wardrobe

Annette Parry

I would love to see the Boxy top in Olive green. :)


The coloured box top looks great

Wendy Fasoli

What a hoot to enter this! Hmmmmm a tough choice but I’d love a Boxy in denim! Like the gorgeous Cromwell jeans! I think they’d look fabulous paired together and the denim would look ace with slouch pants and market skirts! 😊

Di Nowinski

I would love to see a cool (tone) green eg emerald green not pale 💕

Sally Maunder

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