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Article: Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!

Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!
bedtonic linen

Let’s talk about the Boxy Top - AND a giveaway!

For those new to our Bedtonic Stories, welcome and happy reading. I’ve mentioned it before, and I will continue to be grateful for the honest feedback we receive from you, our fellow linen lovers. We are listening! It’s what we rely on to improve and evolve our garments, and today we answer some questions about one of our all time best sellers and pieces that has evolved over the years - The Boxy Top. PLUS you have a chance to WIN a Boxy Top in our new and limited edition Tribal print! UPDATE: Thank you all for your incredible feedback and entries below - we have plenty of inspiration for our next drop. A big congratulations to Di Nowinski from Victoria who has won this giveaway!

The new Tribal print Boxy Top

Boxy Origins

After the success of the Poet's tunic, I knew we needed something else in our collection. A lot of our customers dress in larger sizes so I wanted something not too blousy, not too frilly, not too girly. Then I thought, why don’t we just do a really pared back version of the Poet’s Tunic? We took the cuffs off, removed the pockets and made it like a box-shape which is literally what the mid length Poet's tunic is. It was cut shorter so that it could be tucked in with either a French tuck, or worn out loose. It's the perfect example of how a garment evolves here at Bedtonic - none of our pieces are static and are always up for reimagining!

Why is the Boxy Top so popular? (Over 200, five star reviews!)

It’s effortless and easy wear. We get it, shopping for clothes online can be tricky. But the shape and simplicity of structure makes this a safe staple that ANY body can wear. Over time, we've created the Boxy tops in flannel, cotton, organic cotton. We've also done a twill, hemp, a linen/cotton twill (which we sold probably 600 of in one fabric alone!). The Boxy top is the third biggest seller for us now. They truly are a wardrobe staple, an any-season garment you can rely on!

Let's Talk About Sizing

As with most of our garments, the Boxy top was really designed to be a one size fits all. We are size inclusive and our pieces are deliberately oversized (hello comfort, sleeping, gardening and travel!), however, some of you felt a bit swamped in the top and we need to look after our smaller ladies too! We went back to the drawing board and made some adjustments so that the top is now offered in three sizes - S/M, M/L and the L/XL. We love listening to and value your feedback in how our pieces make you feel, so please write your reviews!

What’s to come for the Boxy?

We have the most incredible limited edition print just in for the Boxy Top, the Tribal print. It features watercolour style artwork by a Portuguese artist and the colour way is exquisite, featuring warm and earthy tones for all seasons, but especially tying in nicely with our other warm and rich colour ways this Winter. 

To celebrate the coming season and arrival of our new print, we are giving one of these Boxy beauties away! Simply leave us a comment below telling us what colour you'd like to see the Boxy Top in future and why -  remember we are listening to you! One lucky winner will be randomly chosen and notified here and by email. Giveaway closes Friday 14th June at midnight, AWST
GOOD LUCK! COMPETITION NOW CLOSED - Thank you to everyone who entered and left amazing feedback below - we certainly have so much inspiration for our next drop! 
Congratulations to our winner Di Nowinski from Victoria.


I absolutely love your boxy tops! I have a few different colours but would love to see one in pale pink or lilac pink colour.

Sue Lang

I loe your linen tops and would love to see a duck egg blue or a turquoise. I think those colours flatter a lot fo people and they are not too trendy x.

Caitlin Mackie

I know I know but someone’s got to say it…. Black! I love my dots I love my poppet and Ruby but honestly a good clear black …even charcoal black would work for me !

Jacqui Rotthier

I love the indigo spotty one and the painted one. I really love cool colours, so in the future I’d be keen for a boxy top in periwinkle and a cool, pinky mushroom taupe hue

Renate Ward

Would love to see the Boxy in an Olive Green, say like Pantone Green Olive.
And, thanks for making it available in the S/M size !

Jennie Kavanagh

I love the design and fit of all the items I have purchased!

Carolynne Clarke

Hi, I’d love a claret, to really pop amongst the earthy tones of the other bedtonic garments.
Sally xx

Sally Pace

I love ALL your clothes and have so many! I would love the boxy top in a rich saffron/mustard because it would work with everthing I already have and add warmth and sunshine to my wardrobe. 😊

Deborah Kennedy

Would love to see the Boxy Top in a cool lilac

maria Garvey

Greys whites and navy

Chrissie Zaremba

I’d love to see khaki or light grey

Robyn Meakins

❤️ Simply LOVE love love the color of the new Tribal Print – a delicious change from all the dark winter colors that are gracing our wardrobes for the cool season. Keep the colors coming – perhaps a Yummy Yellow, a Brilliant Blue, an Awesome Orange or maybe a Groovy Green, perhapsvanother fun print fun with a combination of some of the above could be the go 🤔

Michelle Williams

I am a relative newcomer to Bedtonic after eyeing off your website for a long time, and finally purchasing a couple of your boxy tops ‘preloved’ in the event they didn’t work for me. How fabulous to find a top I can buy with confidence online and know it will fit! I would LOVE to have the boxy reissued in the cream floral print that came out a while back (I’d buy one now!!) but I am sure it was a limited edition :( Failing that, an earthy sepia colour would be nice!

Sam Foster-Davies

Watercolour print perhaps. I LOVE all things check…big, small, bold…but a boxy top with gentle colour movement would be lovely


I would love to see the boxy top come in Cocoa (rich chocolate) as it’s a lovely rich colour for this time of the year … 💕🏡

Nicky Allen

I’d love to see the Boxy top in a pink but something bold like Fuchsia for winter and a lighter pink like Flamingo for Spring/Summer.

Karen Adler

I would love to see wildflowers of WA either printed or embroided on the Boxy Top like Banksias Hakea Pink Pokers & Flannel Bush

Kim Morgan

Lime Green looks amazing with Navy Black White Beige Dark Green Purple Rust Orange etc

Pepa Demasson

To enter the comp, I believe the boxy top needs to be in that beautiful deep rich ochre colour which matches and compliments not only the staples of black white red grey but also yellow orange brown so a must colour to add richness to the collection. Yum!

Sharon Bilton

A beautiful forrest green.


I have been impressed with bedding purchased from Bedtonic and feel confident the guality of all clothing will also be excellent. If I chose a colour for the boxy top it would be hard to pick,natural linen or black.

Christine Stanyer

I have been impressed with bedding purchased from Bedtonic and feel confident the guality of all clothing will also be excellent. If I chose a colour for the boxy top it would be hard to pick,natural linen or black.

Christine Stanyer

I’d love to see an aboriginal design on this beautiful boxy top… the colours of the earth… colours of the sacred ochre from the earth singing up country to celebrate our rich culture.

Michelle McBride

I would love a very light seersucker or cheesecloth fabric for summer, in a solid off white colour.
And for winter a grey marle please

Judy White

The tribal print looks gorgeous. I do love white, as I wear white practicing kundalini yoga. I love all your garments. The natural fibers feel great and sizing is generous.

Silvia Winterstein

I would love,love one of your beautiful boxy tops. The navy please. Or black or a rich deep green.
Fantastic with jeans, long or just above the knee straight skirt. Even a full linen skirt.
Fingers crossed 🤞

Suzanne Campbell


I’d love to see the boxy top in Cocoa or Olive please.
Autumn tones are my favourite, especially at this time of year.
Thanks BT.

Sandra Wallis

Sandra Wallis

The dirty musk pink in a block colour, you have a touch of the colour in the tribal print , it’s hard to find , but if I see it I will buy it , the colour makes me happy

Cath Flannery

Deep Forest green! Boxy top would look amazing in forest green 💚

Kamila Carton

Deep Forest green! Boxy top would look amazing in forest green 💚

Kamila Carton

Warm gold or light ochre/mustard would be great. I find this a great ‘neutral’ that goes well with most colours I wear on the bottom.


I love a soft pink in linen. All the pastels actually. Something about pastel linen, a hot summer afternoon and ice cream, definitely ice cream.

Elizabeth Raymond

Love love love the boxy top !
Would love to see this colour in a chocolate brown..
I love earth colours and think the boxy top would look divine in chocolate brown ❤

Francesca Baker

I would like to see the boxy top in an autumn colour , probably a tangerine/ mandarine/ peachy blend because it would go well with winter boots and give a lift to more wintery pants and skirts .

Nan Noble

Maybe khaki would be attractive.

Tanya Thiessen

I would love to see this Boxy beauty in an Emerald green! Something you may wear at the end of the yellow brick road…get it- in the Emerald City! Also, something to go hunting for the early spring daffodils here in Melbourne!


Love the Boxy top because it’s easy to wear and so versatile. The linen fabric is especially divine and heavenly to wear..The overall style is stylish and ideal for tropical living.
I would love to see it in a khaki colour. Thanks for this opportunity to suggest a colour.


Any colour – I love them all xx 💕

Sally Staggs

Lavender! I love my boxy top but a lavender one would match the lavender streak in my hair!

Jill Ruchel

I would love to see the Boxy top in the chambrey. You have it in the Poets Tunic but its too long/big for me so I’ve been waiting to see if you would make it in the Boxy. Also another wish: in a tartan check (black/greys/beige etc)
Love the boxy top!

Imma Dacunto

I would love to see the boxy top in bright colours; fushia, azure blue, lime green, bright yellow. Linen reminds me of Europen holidays and those colours reflect the Mediterranean sea, the mountain slopes and the beautiful flowers that burst into life after a cool earth tone winter 😁

Sarah Jorgensen

I would love to see this in a gorgeous gold or mustard color ✨️

Holly Chan

I now have several boxy tops. They are a must have in my wardrobe and would love to have more colour options- oyster, petrol, denim please.

Jane Brown

I’d love to see it in sunshine yellow, which will brighten everyone’s day when you walk into the room 💛

Amanda Hobbs

Love your Boxy Top. Would like to see White with a stripe!


I would love a sand colour to blend with all my earth tone pants and jackets

Denise Gillings

I would love the boxy top in Winter white linen to match my slouch pants . I have 7 pairs of these comfy pants and 6 tops – I love matching and mixing ! Big fan !! .

Kim Windebank

Love my stripes boxy top…
I’d love to see white or black ones….

Shelley Turner

Pale pink because it is my happy colour

Sue Busbridge

Forest Green! I have your long skirt in this colour and there’s something about it’s depth that really works with the texture of your beautiful linen’

L Proske

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