The Bedtonic Rewards Program

We want you to know how amazing you are!

Bedtonic Rewards Program


Here at Bedtonic, we value YOU, our linen lover, above all else.

Which is why we have always felt it is so important to reward those true Bedtonic fans in any way we can.

Over time, we have crafted a rewards program to benefit you!


  • When you first sign up to our newsletter, you receive $20 off your first order.


  • Within 21 days of receiving your purchase you will be asked to review your product. When we publish your review (and we always do) you will get a 15% discount code for your next purchase. (You can review up to 3 different products.)


  • And after your third purchase, you automatically become a VIP! We will gift you with a further 20% off your next purchase!

 Being a VIP, this is where you are first to know about any new products releases, preorders and sales.

Sounds good to you?

If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter here, we will send you a code for $20 off your first order, and we can begin our Bedtonic journey!

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