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Why We Choose Linen

Ever wondered why linen is so durable, so buttery soft in texture and feels so great next to the skin? We think pure flax linen is truly an incredible fibre, here’s why:
Pure linen is cool in summer and warm in winter

Pure linen is thermoregulating, meaning it is warm in winter and cool in summer. If you live in a harsh climate, chances are you’re probably already investing in natural fibres in your clothing. The same principle applies when choosing your bedding. Thermoregulating fabrics allow air to flow around your body while you sleep.

It’s great for allergy sufferers

Our pure linen bedding is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so it’s great for anyone who suffers from allergic rhinitis or skin sensitivity.

It’s incredibly durable

Linen is an incredibly old natural fibre; its use dates back over 12,000 years! It was once known as the noble fibre, only afforded to wealthy noblemen and aristocrats.

Pure linen fibre is twice as strong as cotton. The quality of linen is measured in weight, unlike cotton and bamboo which uses a thread count measure. Our bedding and loungewear is 175 gsm (grams per square meter) the perfect weight for a comfortable nights sleep. The naturally smooth fibres resist pilling too. It is precisely these factors that make linen such a great investment for your family.

Pure linen is a sustainable product

Few people know this, but flax is a renewable resource. The cultivation of flax requires far less water than other crops such as cotton. Very few pesticides, fertilisers and other toxic chemicals are required in its production, and the entire crop is used to make products such as linseed oil and linoleum as well as fabric. Pure linen is also both biodegradable and recyclable!

And of course it feels so great to sleep in!

Linen has a low lustre and a fabulously luxurious natural texture. Our range is specially stonewashed in small batches, making it super-soft against your body from your very first sleep!

We are OEKO-TEX® Certified.