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Silk Duvet Care Instructions

Made from all-natural and sustainably sourced silk and cotton, your Silk Doona Insert is certified by OEKO-TEX® and is completely biodegradable at the end of its life.

Silk duvets are a luxury item and require special care:

  • The duvet must be always used with a removable duvet cover for protection.
  • The duvet must never be shaken strongly as this might displace the hand layered silk floss.
  • The duvet must never be dry cleaned, machine washed, hand washed in its entirety, wrung or tumble dried.
  • A properly covered silk duvet should not require cleaning under normal conditions of use. We recommend that the duvet is regularly aired for a maximum of 1 hours out of direct sunlight in warm, dry conditions.
  • Any washing of the duvet will cause it to lose some of its natural properties.
  • Localised spillages can be treated by immediately spot cleaning the affected area with a clean white damp cloth. If the spillage has penetrated through to the silk floss, the affected area only may be delicately hand washed using lukewarm water (maximum 30º Centigrade) and a non-biological detergent suitable for washing woollens, and thoroughly rinsed using cold water. Excess water can be removed by gently squeezing the two faces of the duvet together. The duvet must never be wrung or tumble dried. The duvet must then be allowed to dry thoroughly, lying flat.
  • After drying the duvet may be shaken gently to restore the loft of the silk floss.