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Bedtonic Press

We love being featured in these great magazines, photographed by some of Australia's best photographers in gorgeous bedrooms around the country. 

Home and Garden 2019 

Featured in the home of Perth family Chevonne and David Groom, with styling by Lisa Quinn-Schofield (@featherhorse_), and photography by Jody D'Arcy (@jody_darcy).

Real Living Magazine 2019

Esperance Chalet Village in Western Australia, owned and operated by the determined Fiona Shillington and her hard-working family, feature our linen in a number of their charming and authentic chalets. They even feature one of our Poet's Tunics! 

Home and Garden Style Awards 2018

Home and Garden Style awards

Home and Garden have awarded us a Style Award for 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited!
- No. 6 "Julie Ramsey of Bedtonic designs beautiful linen bedding from her Perth base."

A huge thanks to @featherhorse_ for her styling, @jody_darcy for the shoot, @kawa_heart_studio for the location, and my wing girl @franziskacze


Country Style Magazine

Bedtonic in Country Style

Bedtonic Country Style

Bedtonic in Country Style

House & Garden

Bedtonic House & Garden

Bedtonic House & Garden

Sunday Times Magazine

Bedtonic STM

Bedtonic STM

Bedtonic STM

 Mindfood Magazine

Bedtonic Mindfood

Australian Country

Bedtonic Australian Country

Belle Magazine

Bedtonic Belle

West Weekend

Bedtonic West Weekend

Grand Designs

Bedtonic Grand Designs

Wellbeing Bedtonic

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