At Bedtonic, we think it's important for manufacturers to produce top-quality items that stand the test of time. That's the case with our linen pillow covers. Available in a range of classic colours to match any bedding set, our beautiful covers are made with French seams to ensure they stand up to wash after wash. Read More

Looking for Excellent Quality Linen Pillow Cases?

Linen bedding set is the best choice for temperature regulation in bed. We've all had those nights when you wake up with sweat-drenched hair, and you're tossing and turning to try and get back to sleep. That won't be the case with linen as it's naturally thermo-regulating to keep you cool or warm depending on the season. That means no more sweaty nights in summer, and no more reaching for the electric blanket in the winter. You also won't need different sets for different temperatures.

Not only are they the best choice for comfort, our linen pillow cases are easy to care for. They should be washed with liquid detergent on a regular wash, as powder detergents can cause the fibres to harden. This will reduce the lifespan of your linen. Overuse of detergent can also have this effect, although a quick wash in plain water can reduce the build up and bring back the softness.

We Make Linen Pillow Covers That are Kind to Your Skin and the Planet

In the best choice for the health of our customers and the planet, we use sustainable small batch processes which help avoid waste. We also use non-toxic dyes. These dyes are more expensive so aren't commonly used but they're the best choice to avoid water contamination. It's possible to use chemicals to create softness but we'd rather create items that are as natural as possible. As linen naturally has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties it's the best fabric for those with sensitive skin assuming no toxins are introduced in the making process.

From a longevity perspective, linen is a better choice than cotton. It is up to two times as strong so can be washed over and over again. With linen, the entire stalk is also used so there's no need for the pesticides that are sprayed on cotton's green leaves which aren't harvested. Our linen is grown in Europe which is the ideal climate so it's the best quality and can grow up to one metre high.

At Bedtonic We're Confident We Make the Best Linen Pillow Covers

We believe that when you use sustainable practices and high-quality linen everyone wins. You get excellent luxurious linen bedding or garments without the worry of harming our planet further. If you're ready to find out why we have thousands of five-star reviews, you can shop online or visit our 'stockists' page to shop in person. We offer fast free shipping on our linen pillowcases in Australia, linen blankets, etc and flat rates of shipping to the rest of the world. Our items are posted in recycled linen pouches that can be reused. If you have any comments or questions reach out to our lovely team at Read Less