Linen is up to twice as durable as cotton so is an excellent choice for bedding that can handle wash after wash. Our linen pillowcases come in a range of colours to compliment any bedding set so they won't need to be replaced even if you change the style of your bedroom. They're created with a French seam for maximum durability and are easy to care for. Just wash with liquid detergent on a regular warm wash. Overuse of detergent or using powder detergent can reduce the lifespan of your linen by hardening the fibres. If you notice this, a wash in plain water can reduce the build up and return the softness you've been used to. Read More

Hunting for European Linen Pillowcases?

Nobody wants to be too hot or too cold when we're trying to get to sleep. Linen bedding is the answer to this as its hollow fibres mean it can naturally regulate temperature. Many of our customers no longer need to turn on their electric blankets in the winter but are also kept cool in the summer. Think of how quickly you could drift off in the hot summer with your head being kept cool on a linen European pillowcase.

Finding the Right Linen European Pillow Cases is the Answer to a Wonderful Sleep

Not only will our European linen pillowcases regulate your temperature and match your decor, our sustainable practices also keep the planet happy. We create all our products in small batches to prevent waste. We also use non-toxic dyes, which are not used in fast fashion as they're more expensive. We don't see the need though to risk our customer's health and contaminate the precious water on this planet just to increase our profit margin. We'd much rather avoid toxins and use natural processes to achieve soft, and still beautifully coloured linen. As linen has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties naturally, we think avoiding adding chemicals gives our customers the best chance of a peaceful sleep, especially those with sensitive skin.

We proudly use only linen which is European Flax certified. This means everyone from the grower to the maker is traced and held accountable for sustainable practices. We do our bit to create a hardy product that still adds some luxury to your home, and the growers we use agree to zero-waste practices and avoid using irrigation or GMO.

Bedtonic: European Size Linen Pillow Cases Made With Care

We think that now you know that buying your bedding from Bedtonic is the best choice for a quality linen bed sheet and linen clothing in Australia that is made sustainably so you'll sleep better at night. To get started, you can put an order together on this site to benefit from free speedy shipping within Australia, or flat rates worldwide. All our items are shipped in recycled packaging which you can reuse. If you prefer to shop in person, our 'stockist' page shows where you can find our wonderful products. If you have any questions or comments, get in touch with our friendly, passionate team at Read Less