Growing up in New Zealand in a small town called Lake Wanaka, my childhood was spent surrounded by snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and big beautiful lakes. Everything was pure nature and I spent every living moment outdoors. 

After leaving my husband's farm and cattle station life behind, we headed for Broome with little Mollie who was one. We were owner building our house in that first year and I saw a niche for drive thru coffee. So many tradies were starting work at 7 and I was thinking surely they would like a good coffee first up in the morning! So I told my husband I was buying a little mobile coffee trailer. He said I would 'blow my dough' but that didn’t stop me. I started with a tiny trailer that i trucked over from Brisbane and made 20 coffees on my first day. Four years later we were making 400+ coffees between 5 – 11am.

My husband swapped cows for coffee and we worked like mad for 4 years. We had incredible community support and went on to win a small business achiever award  for Kimberley and were WA runners up. I learnt a lot about grit and determination during this time. We sold up in 2013 and moved to Perth to be nearer our families.

Having left hospitality behind it was now time to look at the next chapter in my life and what I wanted to create for myself.

Growing up, my mother was a seamstress so I was surrounded by textiles at an early age. I remember a constant stream of ladies in and out for fittings and alterations, with patterns and pins and mum's singer sewing machine taking pride of place on the dining table! 

I had always had a love for natural textures and fibres. Oh and I love bed! It's the place I go to escape the flurry of life. It's my sanctuary when I need to unplug. So with this in mind I started exploring bedding. I looked at different fabrics but it was linen that won me over on so many levels. A sustainable crop, so kind to our planet, it uses few fertilisers and 1/4 less water than cotton during cultivation. I was shocked at the toxins that are used in cotton production. Highly toxic chemicals are used to strip the leaves from the cotton bush before harvest to enable to bols to be plucked off the bush without the leaves. When considering that organic cotton only makes up for less than 2% of global production we have a long way to go. These toxins get in to our water systems and cause havoc.

The more I've learnt about nature's wonder fibre and it's history the more I've fallen in love with it. My recent trip to meet our makers gave me even more insight into the spinning and weaving process. I gained such an appreciation for the work that goes into producing even one square metre of fabric now.

Linen's texture is so buttery soft but it still has a weight that drapes around you. It's whisper quiet, breathes well and keeps you cool in the summer months yet warm in winter. It really is amazing!

It's got a natural low lustre and a beautiful crumpled lived in look which I love.

We now live in Daglish with our Snauzer x Poodle, Buddy and a fat cat called Harry. They are best mates.

And getting back to Wanaka, if you are ever lucky enough to visit you might notice a huge concrete dinosaur in the playground down the hill at the lakefront. This was designed by an 11 year old version of myself. So not much has changed, I'm still designing and creating! 

I hope you continue to enjoy the Bedtonic journey with me... 

Julie x

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