About Julie

When you walk towards the lakefront playground in Wanaka, New Zealand, it’s hard to miss the large concrete dinosaur standing at the base of the hill, because the then 11-year-old Julie, designed it to last a lifetime.

A Natural Beginning with a Healthy Obsession for Sustainability

Bedtonic’s founder and creative director, Julie Ramsay, grew up in the scenic Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, with her seamstress mother and father, who worked in the rafting business. It’s obvious where her creativity and love for sustainability originates. 

After travelling the world in search of adventures and profound experiences, Julie met her husband, Donald a cattle farmer, who was running cattle station’s in the northwest. During this time they moved to Broome, Australia to build a house and a spark of inspiration and conviction led Julie to start one of the first drive thru café in her neighbourhood. Julie's first business went on to win a small business achiever award in the Kimberley region. 

Finding Comfort after Cows and Coffee

The exhausting demands of the hospitality business and new found motherhood led Julie to seek comfort and relaxation in her sanctuary...the bedroom. Then one day, after selling her successful business, Julie realized that people spend ⅓ of their lives in bed. 

Countless experiments and research with fabrics ranging from cotton, silk and more, led Julie to Bedtonic’s hero fabric, European Flax® Linen. Drawn to European Flax® Linen's sustainable and non-toxic quality, Julie reevaluated the supply chain and developed a proprietary process for her new sustainable lifestyle brand. The first Bedtonic collection was released in 2016 with Julie hand packaging every order in recyclable and sustainable packaging materials.

Long Lasting Impact

Julie leads a team out of Bedtonic’s headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, and is working on Bedtonic’s latest collection. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming in the ocean, picnics at the beach, and reading the recommended books on Oprah and Goop’s book list. Julie’s biggest passion is cooking, as she finds peace and solace in the process. She also enjoys long walks in her leafy suburb with her husband Donald, her Schnauzer x Poodle pooch named Buddy, and a fat cat named Harry. 

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