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We are proud to say we are a size inclusive brand.

We believe we all deserve to look stylish no matter our size so we hope you enjoy shopping our Xl Category! 

Bedtonic loungewear is designed and made in West Australia and offshore.

We work closely with our pattern maker to design effortlessly stylish comfortable pieces of exceptional quality, with a strong environmental ethos. 

Each piece is designed in Western Australia with our relaxed lifestyle in mind. We are about slow fashion, designing pieces that will stay with you year after year.

Soon after I launched the bedding collection in 2016 I designed the Poet's tunic. Not wanting pyjamas or a linen robe, but more a lifestyle piece, a staple that could be worn from bed to your favourite reading chair and out to a favourite bar. This was in 2016 and since then the Poet's tunic has developed somewhat of a cult following!

We now have designed many more pieces we hope you will enjoy just as much.

Other pieces will be added as we go, so if you have a request for a style or colour please email us at support@bedtonic.com.

Please head to product categories for a full description or see our size guides here.

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