Bedtonic loungewear is designed and made in West Australia and offshore.

We work closely with our pattern maker to design effortlessly stylish comfortable pieces of exceptional quality, with a strong environmental ethos. 

Each piece is designed in Western Australia with our relaxed lifestyle in mind. We are about slow fashion, designing pieces that will stay with you year after year.

We know that building a more conscious wardrobe takes effort.  Anything worth doing does.  As fashion activists, we see ourselves as not just a bedding & clothing label, but as a platform to help transform one of the most polluting industries on earth (fashion) into a force for good.

Bedtonic is here to change the world through style, so like-minded consumers can keep up with trends without harming the environment and it's people.  

Our factories pay staff fairly, provide safe working conditions and use non toxic dyes.  We choose eco-friendly linen to minimise our impact on the planet.  Our marketing materials are made from 100% recycled paper, and our shipping bags are recycled, reusable and recyclable.

Thank you for supporting Bedtonic!


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